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Solid Lines Product Theme

Solid Lines Product Theme

Penny In Your Pocket

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It's time to WOW your students & members with this professional looking Product Theme!
(Not for use in the Podcast, Community or Coaching Products)

So... you’re on the hunt for a good-looking, well branded, and easy to use Members Portal.

Great, but….

You've checked out the Premier theme, and you've tried on the Momentum theme.... however neither are making your Course or Membership shine. ?

You like certain parts of each theme,
--> maybe you like having a header and menu at the top…
--> maybe you like having a course outline permanently running down the left hand side...

but there's also parts you don't like.
--> Maybe you find the look of Momentum super boring,
--> or you find students get lost easy in the Premier theme,
--> Maybe you don't like being restricted from having to have a big image always on or always off!

Now what?

How about a cool Custom Theme? One that has all of the following…

  • Better navigation with logical left hand side menus - can be Accordion style or standard. Plus it has a header at the top on all pages.

  • You can choose your color scheme to match your branding and add blocks of content to the dashboard that you can control the column width of.

  • A beautiful banner image on the Welcome Page

  • Categories are displayed in the traditional row look, like the normal momentum theme.

  • Works for courses, memberships, or resource areas.

  • Hide course progress, turn off all comments, hide mark as complete and more.

  • Has a favorites page.

  • Increased number of categories on a page - up to 24 before pagination kicks in.

  • Comes with full instruction tutorials, along with my top tips on how to set it up!

  • Check out the Demo and my site for the full list of functions and features.

You can see a Demo Model of the Website theme → HERE

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