Purchasing Terms & Conditions

All defined terms used in these Template Store Terms (the “Terms”) will have the meanings set forth in the Kajabi Platform Terms of Service Agreement (the “Platform Terms”). By purchasing or downloading a Template (as defined below), you agree that you have reviewed and understood, and agree to be bound by, these Terms. If you violate these Terms, we may suspend and/or terminate your Account, block your access to the Platform, remove and/or delete Content from your Account(s); block all third-party access to Content on your Account(s); and/or communicate a violation to impacted third parties and/or law enforcement authorities (where appropriate and subject to applicable law).

  1. You may establish the appearance of your Kajabi Site with a design template from Kajabi’s Template Store (a “Template”). If you purchase and download a Template, you are purchasing an ongoing, non-exclusive, worldwide license to use the Template you have selected for a single Site only. You are free to transfer a Template to another Site only if you close your first Site. To initiate a transfer of a Template to another of your Sites, please contact Kajabi Support. You are not permitted to transfer or sell a Template to any other third party, whether to another Kajabi Site or elsewhere. Multiple Sites require multiple downloads and each download is subject to the applicable fee. Kajabi gives no assurance that a particular Template will remain available for additional downloads. 
  2. The intellectual property rights of the Template remain the property of the designer. You are not purchasing any ownership rights to a Template and you are only purchasing a single-use license of the Template. You are free to modify the Template, but do not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others, including the designer. If you exceed the rights granted by your purchase of a Template, the designer may take legal action against you. Additionally, Kajabi may take administrative action such as modifying or closing your Site or terminating your Account, without prejudice to our other rights or remedies.
  3. At our discretion, Kajabi may add or modify the footer in a Template that refers to Kajabi. Kajabi may modify the Template where it contains, in our sole discretion, an element that violates our Acceptable Use Policy or other provisions of the Platform Terms, even if you received the Template in that condition. Kajabi may modify the Template to reflect technical changes and updates as required.
  4. Technical support for a Template is the responsibility of the designer, and Kajabi accepts no responsibility to provide such support. Kajabi may be able to help you contact the designer.
  5. It is your responsibility, and not Kajabi’s, to ensure that the installation of a Template does not overwrite or damage your current or preexisting template or UI.