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Joe Oceano Website Bundle

Joe Oceano Website Bundle

Penny In Your Pocket

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Joe Oceano Website Theme


Are you an entrepreneur looking to make a bold statement with your online presence?

With its darker style, bold fonts, and interactive sections, JOE OCEANO exudes a sense of confidence and sophistication. This template is perfect for online coaches, e-learning platforms, and anyone in the personal development industry who wants to stand out from the crowd.

But it's not just about aesthetics -

JOE OCEANO is designed with functionality in mind. The template includes multiple opt-in points strategically placed throughout the site, making it easy for you to capture leads and grow your email list. This means more opportunities to connect with your audience and convert them into paying customers. Double Win! 

A fully customizable Kajabi website theme. More on the masculine side and created to showcase your online content in a bold and striking style. Typing text, animations, edgy fonts and plenty of optin blocks. Simply add in your branding, copy, and imagery and go live.

It comes with the following:

01. Kajabi Website System Pages

You know...those pages that everyone forgets about, but are actually super important for your site to run? Like... Login, Library, Thank You, 404, Blog, Blog Search etc... 

02: Standalone/Landing Pages

I'm still a big advocate for doing your home page as a Standalone/Landing page, plus all the other pages you may need that aren't included with the System Pages. Like your Services or Courses Page, your Work With Me page or a Media page - all up the whole Website Kit typically includes 13+ pages. These are the included pages:

+ Home

+ Library

+ About

+ Login

+ Services

+ Blog Listing

+ Resources

+ Blog Post Page

+ Contact

+ 404 Page

+ Success Stories

+ Thank You Page #2

+ Thank You Page #1


+ Simple Optin Page

03: Instructions, Images and Graphics

I got you. Complete step by step video instruction for each section of your page, as well as a folder of all the graphics & assets you may need.

You can see a Demo Model of the Website theme → HERE

Want a quick video walk-through?

Let me take you on a sneak peek journey, and show you all the various components.


Can I duplicate the pages and use them for other things?

Absolutely. You can use these pages within your Kajabi site as often as you need to. Just duplicate and redesign.

How Easy is it to add my branding, fonts and colors?

Very easy. You have complete control over how you would like these templates to look. It's as simple as uploading your own logo, choosing the colors you want to use, and adding in your own graphics and copy.

Is it Mobile Friendly?

YES. Your users will get the full experience of moving around your site.

Install JOE OCEANO today
and let your website speak volumes about your brand and unique style. Stand out, captivate, and convert with this bold Kajabi website template.

PS. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to email me → HERE
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