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Impact Website Theme (32 Pages)

Impact Website Theme (32 Pages)

Coaches & Courses

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This dynamic website theme is crafted specifically for authors and speakers, offering a powerful platform to amplify your voice and make a lasting impression.

  • Minimalist style
  • No coding or design skills required
  • Easily customize to perfection
  • Optimized for conversions
  • Overlapping elements
  • Custom bullet list icons

Includes 32 pages!

Get every page you need to launch your website and blog. Upload the entire theme in 1 click, then publish any pages you want live (and put the others in draft mode for later, or delete them).

  1. Home Page (view page)
  2. Library Page (view page)
  3. Member Directory Page (view page)
  4. Announcements Page (view page)
  5. Blog Page (view page)
  6. Blog Post Page (view page)
  7. Blog Search Page (view page)
  8. Thank You Page (view page)
  9. Login Page (view page)
  10. 404 Page (view page)
  11. Store Page (view page)
  12. About Page (view page)
  13. Affiliates Page (view page)
  14. Affiliate Application Page (view page)
  15. Affiliate Confirmation Page (view page)
  16. Contact Page (view page)
  17. Contact Confirmation Page (view page)
  18. Privacy Policy Page (view page)
  19. Terms & Conditions Page (view page)
  20. Book Page (view page)
  21. Coaching Page (view page)
  22. Course Page (view page)
  23. Email Newsletter Page (view page)
  24. Email Newsletter Confirmation Page (view page)
  25. Lead Magnet Page (view page)
  26. Lead Magnet Confirmation Page (view page)
  27. Products Page (view page)
  28. Events Page (view page)
  29. Interview & Media Requests Page (view page)
  30. Keynote Speaker Page (view page)
  31. Speaker Confirmation Page (view page)
  32. Quotes Page (view page) 

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Can I duplicate the pages?

Yes. You can duplicate these pages within the website theme to use as a starting point for any other pages you might need.

Can I convert website pages into landing pages?

Yes. Any website page that isn't Kajabi System Page, can be duplicated as a landing page by clicking the "+ Add to Landing" option in that page's settings.

Can I customize the website with my own branding, fonts, and colors?

Yes. This website theme is built on top of Kajabi's default Encore Theme, so you have the same freedoms of customization. It's super easy to swap in your logo, colors, images, and copy.

Is this theme mobile friendly?

Yes. Everything is already properly spaced so the theme provides your visitors with a great experience on their phones.

Do you provide instructions on how to use this theme?

Yes. Inside the theme is a link to the corresponding documentation. There you can see how to use the theme. If you have any more questions, you'll also be able to contact me for additional help.

What if I have more questions?

You can contact me via my website here.

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