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Copywriting Help: Kajabi Sales Page with Copy Prompts

Copywriting Help: Kajabi Sales Page with Copy Prompts

Virginia, Kajabi Tutor

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Sales Page Template

with Prompts for Writing Copy

so you can convert website visitors into customers, 
sell more, and help more people,
...even if you're not a "natural born" copywriter

Your Sales Page isn't Converting As You Expected ....


If your sales page isn't converting viewers into purchasers at the rate you expected, you likely have a copy problem. Copy is the text on a sales page that compels a visitor to purchase your product.


Using this template, you're going to drop in your words
to finally write a sales page 
that actually sells your product.

Instead of recreating your entire business,
what if you focused on your sales page instead?...

When a product isn't selling and you know it's a great product
(I mean, who wouldn't see the value in what you're offering?!),
then it's likely the copy on your sales page.


Copy refers to the words on the sales page that compel a reader to purchase your product.
If your sales page isn't compelling, neither are your sales!




Once you've learned
how to create copy for a sales page, will become blatantly obvious why sales are not happening
even though your analytics are showing hundreds of page views per day!

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